Recall: PC Locs iQ 10 Charging Station

A faulty USB hub could cause an electric shock.

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The problem

PC Locs have recalled their iQ 10 Charging Stations. A potential fault with some USB charging hubs may cause an electric shock.

16apr pc locs iq 10 charging station

Products with model number PCL7121 are affected. The charging stations were sold nationwide from November 2015 to February 2016 from the following stores:

  • New Era IT
  • OfficeMax
  • Acquire
  • NLG Commercial
  • CTNZ
  • Isometric

What to do

Check your iQ 10 Charging Station to see if it’s affected:

16apr pc locs iq 10 charging station label
  • Turn off your charging station at the wall and unplug.
  • Remove the top cover, locate both USB hubs and peel back the silver label to reveal the 11 digit batch code.
  • If the USB hubs don’t have a batch code or the batch code begins with 14L, 15B or 15C, you’ll need to remove the hubs and contact PC Locs for replacement USB hubs.

USB hubs with batch codes 15D, 15F or 15H are not affected and you can replace the label and continue to use your charging station safely.

Contact PC Locs on +61 8 920 97900 or with any questions.

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