The problem

Zebra Technologies Corporation has recalled its power supply unit (PSU) for Zebra thermal industrial printers.

The PSUs can degrade and corrode over time when exposed to moisture. As a result the PSUs can overheat and could cause a fire.


PSUs with date codes in ranges 1039XX - 1052XX and 1101XX - 1152XX are affected. The date code, part number, Zebra logo or FSP North America logo are printed on the power supply.

The following printers were sold with affected PSUs:

  • G-Series (GK420D/T, GX420D/T, GX430D/T)
  • GT Series (GT800, GT810, GT820, GT830)
  • ZP455, HC100, P1XX Series (P100, P110, P120)
  • ZXP3

What to do

Immediately stop using the recalled PSUs and contact Zebra for a free replacement power supply.

For more information, email Zebra Technologies Corporation:

Information provided by Product Recalls — part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.