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Recall: PowerGuard tablet charger


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The problem

PowerGuard is recalling all colours of the Tablet Protector 2.1 amp charger because a problem with their insulation can cause electric shock.


The affected model numbers begin with PGTP350B and are followed by a further letter which denotes colour.

The affect batch numbers are 300611, 300612, 300613, 300636, 300699, 300642, 300721, 300801, 300817, 300846, 300868, 300894 and 301038.

They were sold at Harvey Norman stores nationwide from November 2013 to August 2015.

What to do

If your charger is affected, unplug it and do not use it. Please contact the distributor, DigiQuest Limited, to arrange for return and replacement.

DigiQuest Limited is available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday on 09-441-6470.