Recall: Aqua Lung scuba diving inflators

The inflators could cause divers to ascend too quickly.

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The problem

Aqua Lung has recalled some of its Powerline Inflators. The devices may keep inflating after the button is released during a dive. This could cause the diver to ascend too quickly which can result in serious injury. The problem is caused by the bezel around the button being overtightened.


Affected Powerline Inflators can be identified by an H or I date code that does not have an inspection mark.

Inflators that have been inspected by Aqua Lung will be marked with a permanent indentation “dot” next to the date code.

What to do
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Stop using your Powerline Inflator and take it to the nearest authorised Aqua Lung retailer or dive centre. It will correct the defect for you at no cost.

For more information, contact Aqua Lung on +61 3 9369 1992 (Australia) or email You can also contact Andrew Kinzett on 021 786 066.

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