Recall: 4 flavours of ROAR Kale chips

The products may contain E. coli.

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The problem

Nom Nom Nosh Ltd have recalled its ROAR brand Kale chips as the products may contain E. coli.


16jun roar kale chips
From left: ROAR Kale chips - Spicy Curry, Smokey BBQ, Garlic Chilli, Rosemary & Sea Salt flavours.

The products are sold in 35g metallised zip-lock stand up pouches. All batches and best before dates of the following flavours are affected by this recall:

  • Garlic Chilli
  • Rosemary & Sea Salt
  • Smokey BBQ
  • Spicy Curry

What to do

Affected products should not be consumed. If you have consumed any of these products and have concerns about your health, seek medical advice. Customers should return the products to their retailer for a full refund.

For further information, contact Nom Nom Nosh Ltd on 021 765 5441.

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