Recall: Sony Vaio battery packs

The battery packs may overheat and burn.

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The problem

Sony is recalling some battery packs used in VAIO E Series personal computers (PC). A manufacturing issue means the batteries may overheat and burn.


The affected battery pack VGP-BPS26 is used with VAIO E Series PCs released in February 2013. Some VAIO PCs that have been submitted for repair since February 2013 may also be affected (see the below list).

What to do

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Sony are implementing a free replacement programme for the affected battery packs.

If you are using one of the VAIO PC models listed below, use this link to check if your battery pack is affected.

If it is affected, immediately remove the battery pack from your PC. With the battery pack removed, you can continue to use your PC safely with an AC adapter.

If you believe that your battery pack is one of the affected units, contact Sony's Customer Service team on 0800 766 969, Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm AEST to discuss the next steps.

PC models that may have been sold together with an affected battery pack at time of purchase:


PC models that may have been equipped with an affected battery pack during repair:

VPCCA1/2/3/4 Series
VPCCB1/2/3/4 Series
SVE14A1/2/3 Series
VPCEH1/2 Series
VPCEJ1/2 Series
SVE1411/2/3 Series
SVE1512/3 Series
SVE1712/3 series

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