Recall: Spark power back-up packs supplied with wireless landline phone kits

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On Saturday, Spark announced an immediate recall of a power back-up device that was supplied to approximately 14,000 wireless landline phone customers over the last four months.

The problem

Some power back-up units have incorrectly placed wiring due to a manufacturing error. This could lead to the unit overheating and cause a fire risk.


Power back-up unit, also known as a Spigate uninterrupted power supply.
The power back-up unit.

A power back-up is the black box between the wireless landline connection box and the wall socket, also know as "Spigate uninterrupted power supply".

The power back-up was supplied with all wireless landlines from 22 March until 2 August 2019.

Wireless connection boxes and phones supplied with the power back-up are not affected.

What to do

Unplug your power-back up by following these steps. If you need help doing this, call Spark on 0800 159 159 and it will send someone to help you.

Drop the power back-up to your nearest Spark store, or call Spark and it will arrange to pick it up.

Your landline will continue to work without a power back-up. Note that it won’t work if there’s a power cut. Contact Spark if you’re concerned about this to discuss alternative communication methods.

For more information or assistance or to arrange pick-up of the power back-up, call Spark on 0800 159 159 or email

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