Recall: Surelock II rubber handles

Rubber could deteriorate and pose drowning risk for divers.

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The problem

Aqua Lung is recalling all SureLock II rubber weight pocket handles. A failure may occur due to the rubber cracking, tearing or breaking. If this were to occur during a dive, the weight pocket would be left engaged inside the buoyancy compensators and pose a drowning risk.

The details

SureLock II is the mechanical weight-release system on most Aqua Lung BCs.

What to do

  • Stop using your BC with SureLock II rubber weight pocket handles.
  • Bring the pockets to your nearest Aqua Lung Dive Retailer or Dive Centre. They will be able to replace your handles for you while you wait. The replacement is made under warranty so you will not incur any charges.
  • You can contact Aqua Lung on +61 3 9369 1992 or by email. See for your nearest dealer.
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