Recall: Thermomix TM31 processor

The sealing ring of the mixing bowl may not function properly.

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The problem

The sealing ring of the mixing bowl may not function properly to ensure that the lid remains closed. When used at high speeds and the user immediately sets speed selector to ‘lid open’ the lid may unexpectedly pop open.


If the lid opens unexpectedly with the contents moving, hot mixed food or liquid may squirt and burn the users or bystanders.

Sold by Thermomix between October 2012 and September 2014 Affected service number range 124231XX and 142031XX

What to do

Thermomix tm31

Ensure the TM31 is used as follows:

  1. turn the speed selector to 1 after operating at speeds of level 4 and above;
  2. leave the speed selector at level 1 for three seconds to ensure food stops circulating;
  3. turn the speed selector to ‘open lid’ and carefully open the mixing bowl lid.

The manufacturer will be in contact with customers in the near future to replace the sealing ring, which will resolve the lid opening issue.

If your contact details have changed or you did not purchase your TM31 from Thermomix please contact Thermomix to register your details to receive a replacement sealing ring.

Contact details:

phone: 0800 23 31 31

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