Recall: Tigerlily scented candles

The glass container could shatter.

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The problem

Tigerlily has expanded its 2014 recall to now include all Tigerlily candles in brown glass. When lit, the candle may give off excessive smoke, the flame may flare up, and the glass container may overheat and/or shatter. If the candle flares up you could be injured by broken glass, hot wax, fire and smoke.


17may tigerlily scented candles

The product is a cylindrical scented candle with two wicks encased in brown tinted decorative glass, sold in the scents Viva and Del Este.

The recall now applies to all candles in brown tinted glass, with or without a batch code. Previously, only candles without batch codes were affected.

The candles were sold at Tigerlily stores in Newmarket and Takapuna, Auckland from June 2011. A smaller number of units were also sold at Amazon surf stores.

What to do

Stop using your candle and return it to your nearest Tigerlily store for a full refund, replacement or voucher.

For more information, contact Tigerlily on 09 529 0172 or email

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