Recall: Toshiba Power Cords

The connector on these power cords could overheat.

Recalls hero

The connector on these Toshiba Laptop/Notebook power cords could overheat.

The problem

The electrical insulation in the connector may degrade and enable the connector to overheat.


Toshiba Laptop/Notebook Power Cords Supplied from Sept 2010 through June 2012 with new Toshiba laptops/notebooks or a replacement during repair.

What to do

Toshiba laptop notebook power cord recall notice
  1. Stop using your power cord immediately.
  2. Visit the Toshiba website,, to validate if your power cord(s) is affected.
  3. If affected you will be asked to register to receive a replacement AC Power cord.

Contact details for further information:
Online -
Phone - 0800 445 439

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