Recall: Toyota RAV4 vehicles

Safety issue could leave back-seat passenger unrestrained.

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The problem

Toyota New Zealand has announced a recall for 12,957 RAV4 models due to a possible safety fault involving the shape of the rear seat cushion frame.


The recall applies to RAV4 vehicles manufactured between 2005 and 2014. In the event of a high-speed crash there is a possibility that the lap belt could contact the seat cushion frame. If this occurs, the seat belt webbing may be compromised and not properly restrain the occupant.

Toyota will be participating in the global recall, which involves 2,696,300 vehicles worldwide.

Toyota New Zealand is still investigating how many second-hand imported vehicles might be affected by the recall.

What to do

Owners of the vehicles, which are traceable through registration data, will be contacted by Toyota New Zealand.

The remedy will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes and performed at no cost to the vehicle owners at their nearest Toyota dealership.

Otherwise, owners should complete the online recall form and Toyota will be in touch.

For further information contact Toyota New Zealand on 0800 TOYOTA (0800 869 682).

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