Recall: 3 Bosch dual-fuel ovens

Leaking gas may cause an explosion.

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The problem

Bosch has expanded its recall of its 60cm freestanding gas/electric dual-fuel ovens to include additional batch numbers. The adapter between the gas supply and the appliance may crack, causing a potential gas leak. Leaking gas may cause an explosion.

17may 3 bosch dual fuel ovens

The following models with batch numbers 8608 - 8900 and 8901 - 9110 are affected:

  • HSV745055A
  • HGV74W255A
  • HGV74W355A

The ovens were manufactured between 2006 - 2011.

What to do

Due to the update, check your oven’s appliance rating plate again for the model number (E-Nr) and batch number (FD). Visit to confirm if your oven is affected.

16oct two bosch dual fuel ovens

The rating plate can be found either on the right side of the oven door or cavity when the door is open, or in the accessory drawer when the drawer is open.

If your oven is affected or you are unsure, immediately shut off its gas supply and stop using it. The electric oven can be used safely if the gas supply to the appliance has been shut off.

Contact BSH Home Appliances Ltd (details below) with the following information:

  • The address where the oven is located
  • Appliance details
  • Your contact details

Arrangements will be made for an engineer to visit and complete the free in-home repair.

For more information, contact BSH Home Appliances Ltd on 0800 886 552 or email

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