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6 August 2014

Rest home audit reports to continue

Consumer NZ welcomes Government's decision.

Consumer NZ is welcoming the Government’s decision to continue publishing full rest home audit reports.

Consumers have limited information available to assess the quality of care provided in rest homes and audit reports help fill that gap.

Associate Minister of Health Jo Goodhew announced today that publication of the reports will continue.

“During the trial period, over 200 people a week visited the full audit reports site, with around 80 of those downloading a copy of a full audit report,” Mrs Goodhew said.

“In addition, the feedback received has been clear, that the information is useful and the public would like it to continue. As a result, I have asked the Ministry of Health to continue publication of the full audit reports.”

There are now more than 370 full audit reports available on the Ministry website.

“Through the trial, it has also been identified that the current full audit reports contain a large amount of administrative detail and there is a lot of ‘white space’ when the document is downloaded and printed,” Mrs Goodhew said.

“I have therefore asked the Ministry to look at developing an improved, reformatted version of the full audit report that will make them more streamlined and reader-friendly, while still retaining the full content.

Consumer NZ has been asked to comment on the revised format. The ministry is also asking for feedback from Age Concern, Grey Power and industry group the New Zealand Aged Care Association.

It is anticipated that a new version of the full audit report will be available by the end of the year.

Consumer’s latest rest home report shows there continues to be failings in care.

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