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10 December 2013

Rest home audits to be published

Rest-home audit reports will be available to the public.

Full rest-home audits are finally being published but only for a 6-month trial.

Up until now, the Ministry of Health has published only summary audit reports. We’ve criticised these summaries because they fail to provide adequate information about audit findings.

Associate Minister of Health Jo Goodhew announced in August that full reports would be published from November. However, the minister has decided to publish them for an initial 6-month trial “to see how many people bother to read them”.

At this stage, there are around 88 full audit reports on the ministry’s website. These are for homes which have had audits issued since 29 August 2013. The ministry expects a total of 250 reports to become available within the next six months. But this means reports for most of the 600+ rest homes around the country won’t be published before the trial finishes.

We think full reports for all homes should be made public. There’s limited information available for assessing the quality of care provided in rest homes: full audit reports should go some way towards filling that gap.

Anyone looking for a rest home should check the ministry’s website to see if a full audit report is available for any home on their short list. If a report hasn’t been posted, ask the home or the ministry for a copy of the last audit done.

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