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Rest home monitoring still failing

Rest home monitoring is still failing to deliver good information about quality of care.


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A report by the Office of the Auditor-General has found that monitoring processes for rest homes have improved since 2009. But the effect of changes on quality of care is "less certain", it says.

While the standard of audits has improved, the report found critical issues are still not being identified. It states that several major breaches of safety and quality of care, which should have been picked up in routine auditing, were only identified as a result of unannounced inspections.

The report endorses auditors spending more time observing practices in rest homes and states the Ministry of Health needs to "keep shifting the focus" of monitoring towards actual quality of care.

Systems the ministry’s introducing over the next three years will provide opportunities for improvement, the report adds. These systems include interRAI, a model used internationally to measure quality of care.

We've previously called for a monitoring system such as interRAI to be introduced here. We're pleased it's finally on its way. We want to see the data that’s collected through interRAI made available to consumers as soon as possible.

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