Review: Nespresso Aeroccino3 milk frother

Does Nespresso’s $119 Aeroccino3 beat a $39 frother from Kmart?

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We recently reviewed a $39 automatic milk frother from Kmart. It was doing a bang-up job until I accidentally splashed water on the electrics. Boom! I was back to using the steam wand on the office espresso machine.

Although the wand works wonders, it’s a fiddly affair. So, I determined to find a simpler, faster way to whip up microfoam with a texture like molten marshmallows.

Frothing 101

I tried:

  • Whisking hot milk with a fork (it’s tiring and a bit of a flop).
  • Using a small blender (“meh”).
  • Using a stick blender (it’s messy as well as “meh”).
  • Shaking milk in a jar, then heating it in the microwave to stabilise the foam (an inexpensive hack that’s fine if you’re desperate).
  • Stumping up $2.50 for a little battery-powered whisk of dubious quality (it does an OK job, but don’t expect it to last).
  • Pumping air through hot milk with a coffee plunger (not quite “molten marshmallows” but a solid option that costs nothing if you already have a French press).
  • Splurging on a Nespresso Aeroccino3 (at $119 it’s not cheap, but it is the quickest, simplest way to make really good foam).

Like the Kmart model, the Aeroccino3 froths hot or cold milk at the touch of a button. If you want less froth, remove the coil. If you want hot milk without the froth, remove the whisk altogether. To clean it, wipe the jug with a soft cloth.


The Kmart frother did as good a job as the Aeroccino3, for a third of the price, but its flawed design meant it was too easy to get the electrics wet. I’d rather buy once, buy well, so I’ll pass on the Kmart frother. The French press was pretty decent, though, with the added bonus that it’s no longer a single-purpose gadget.

As a conscious consumer, I'm reluctant to add yet another appliance to my kitchen, so I feel I should make do with the plunger. But the Aeroccino3 really is the cream of the crop.

Tech info

  • 120ml milk froth capacity (70 seconds for hot; 60 seconds for cold)
  • 240ml hot milk capacity (no froth, 120 seconds)
  • 185x100x100mm (with the base)

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Paul S.
02 Aug 2020
KMart option works well, mostly

We have the KMart option, bought at a reduced price for $25. Does a great job at foam, but tends to overflow if filled even near to the maximum capacity line. Solution, don't fill it as much.

josephine c.
01 Aug 2020
great frother

I love the nespresso airochino. Mine lives right next to my Nespresso machine on a dual plug. Rinse immediately after use with hot water and its clean for next time.

Lynsie Anne M.
01 Aug 2020
Quick and mess free

In our house there are a number of coffees made in a short space of time each morning without a lot of fuss.
Here's how; Espresso is made in a stove top maker (Bialetti) Milk is heated in the cup in microwave. Milk is poured into milk shake machine container. Espresso is poured into cup then whizzed milk on top. Repeat for as many coffees as you need. It's quick to do and milk shake container quick to clean.

Pat P.
01 Aug 2020
Who needs a machine?

My husband makes his coffee with instant coffee dissolved in boiling water and then adds hot milk frothed with an aerolatte which is very small and battery operated. It only needs a rinse and dry. He says it is as good as any he's tasted.

Shirley M.
01 Aug 2020
Milk Frother

I have a "Leaf & Bean" milk frother which is very simple to use and clean & does a great job. Cost me $80. After use I rinse it under the tap then pour a little water from kettle for final rinse. Recommend Leaf & Bean product

Heather B.
01 Aug 2020
Keep it simple

For years our coffee "machine" has consisted of 300ml Bodum press for frothing hot milk, plus Aeropress and espresso ground coffee. Gives a better flat white than 90% of our friends can manage with their $2000 shiny machines ... and much easier to take on holiday.

Elizabeth B.
01 Aug 2020
Simply the best

I thought using my little coffee plunger to froth and my aeropress to make the coffee was better than many of the offers from expensive espresso machines, and indeed some baristas .