Review: Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus 1.5L pressure cooker

A smashing little pressure cooker when it’s just two for tea.

20jun prestige pressure cooker hero

A pressure cooker can shorten cooking times considerably, but for small households like mine, the average 5L-6L version is far too big.

So, if you empathise when I say there’s only so much lentil soup I can eat in a week, you’ll understand how stoked I am to have found this smashing little stovetop model.

At a wee 1.5L, the Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus holds just enough beans, rice, or soup for two portions. The anodized aluminium pot has an induction-compatible base, a stainless-steel lid for pressure cooking and a glass lid for regular cooking. Where it loses steam, though, is in the instructions, which cover the basics of pressure cooking and not much else.

As I soon learnt, cooking for two is more complicated than simply halving the ingredients in a recipe for four. I had to make a dip out of mushy beans, liquidise over-cooked veges for soup, and salvage rice by finishing it off in a normal pot, so all was not lost, but after a few disasters, I’d had enough. Then I had a brainwave: contact the manufacturer for help. Within hours, the head office in India had sent me PDFs with detailed operating instructions and recipes for two. That was great, but what I really needed was assistance on how to adapt family-sized recipes.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the correct amount of liquid, simmering time and pressure-release method are critical. My advice would be to learn the ropes with a standard-sized model. When you understand the principles of pressure cooking, you’ll have a better idea of how to tweak a recipe to suit this dinky little pot. It’s a corker, just not for beginners.

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Bill E.
27 Jun 2020
Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus 1.5L pressure cooker stock photo

Hi, you maybe should check the instructions for the cooker. My understanding is that pressure cookers should never be filled more than 2/3rds. The photo shows full to the brim.
I was unable to find a copy of the manual for this specific cooker on line.