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4 March 2015

Samsung reveals S6 and S6 Edge

Plastic of past models swapped for glass and metal.

Samsung has released two new phones: the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. In many ways they are just the next iteration of the very good Galaxy series of phones and yet this step in the evolution has gone a wee bit further.

Gone is the plastic that dominated and, in some user’s eyes, diminished the appeal of the previous models. It is replaced by the metal and glass look employed by most other flagship phones in the market: HTC, Sony and, of course, Apple.

It’s still big. The 5.1 AMOLED screen is the same size as the Galaxy S5 so to make it smaller and lighter the phone is thinner. But, as with the new iPhone 6, the camera is the same depth, meaning that it sticks out (it did on the S5 too). So plan on buying a case or suffer a wobbly phone when you put it down. When we get both phones into the office, we’ll check how much they wobble.

The Samsung S6 and S6 edge.

Speaking of the camera, it’s still 16MP in the rear and a slightly bigger 5MP in the front (for those all-important selfies). The battery on the other hand seems to be smaller than the previous model, so if there are power savings they will be done through adaptive software techniques rather than a physically bigger battery.

To find the interesting developments we have to look at the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Last year Samsung released the Note Edge - a phone with a screen that spilled over the front and wrapped around one side of the phone. At the time, I said Samsung were smart for experimenting with crazy ideas and the S6 Edge is a prime example of that. The screen on the S6 Edge curves at both sides, giving the phone a seamless curve across the front. It makes for a very unique and futuristic looking phone. It’s also slightly less wide and a wee bit thicker than the S5 because of it.

It also means Samsung loses one of the features a lot of people liked about their phones: the ability to access the battery. But it might be a small price to pay for creating a very sexy phone.

We’re yet to see how the new phones will play out in reality and we have no idea how they’ll do in our tests.

The phones will be available in New Zealand from April.

By Hadyn Green.

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