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23 July 2014

Scam victim hands over $6500

Inland Revenue working to shut down aggressive scammer.

Another person has fallen victim to an aggressive phone scam that pressures people into paying fast.

Phone scammers pretending to be calling from Inland Revenue have duped a man into giving them $6500.

Inland Revenue's acting group manager customer services Pat Crawford said they had received 18 reports of customers being told they owe money.

"Sadly, today another victim has fallen foul to this aggressive scam after he bought 11 Prezzie cards at a service station, loaded them with cash and gave the cards' unique numbers to the scammers who took his money,” Mr Crawford said.

He also deposited money into a fake bank account, losing $6500 in total.

“The scam threatens the caller that if they don’t go to NZ Post and make a deposit into what is a fake bank account, they will be deported, face court action or jail time. In some cases, people have been directed to purchase a Prezzie card and load it with the amount owed," Mr Crawford said.

The caller ID that appears when the scammer telephones is identical to Inland Revenue’s 0800 number.

“We continue our work with phone companies and the New Zealand Police’s National Cyber Security Centre to track this hoax number and shut it down.”

What you can do:

  • If you are suspicious, hang up. If you have replied to and given money or provided personal details, contact your bank or credit-card provider immediately.

  • Remember Inland Revenue will never call its customers from its 0800 number or demand payments to be made through NZ Post or a Prezzie card.

  • Report suspicious phone calls that target Inland Revenue customers to

  • Educate yourself on how to identify a scam by referring to Consumer's scam resource.

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