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31 July 2015

Scam website looks just like real one

Scammers trying to get passport details.

Immigration New Zealand is looking into how it can remove a scam website made to look like its own.

The link to the scam website is sent to people in an email. The recipient is encouraged to click on the link and is taken to the website, which has an address just one character different from the real Immigration NZ website. The real website is at www.immigration.govt.nz. The scam one has a dash between 'immigration' and 'govt' rather than a dot.

Parts of the site appear operational and it accepts personal details. It is attempting to trick people into giving their passport details.

Consumer Affairs offers the following advice for protecting yourself online:

  • Never enter your personal details into a website unless you are sure it is genuine.
  • Check website addresses carefully. If they’re similar to a genuine company’s URL, but not quite right, be wary. Never visit such websites by clicking on a link - type in the website address yourself.
  • Don't give out bank account, immigration or personal details over the phone unless you made the call and you trust the number you called is genuine. Ask for a name and number so you can call them back, and check that number against a number you know to be genuine.
  • Don’t reply to, click on any links, or open any files in spam emails. Don’t call any numbers in spam emails.
  • Don't use software on your computer that fills in forms for you.
  • Never send your personal details or accounts or passwords in an email. Email is a very insecure system.

You can also check out our scams report for more information on scams that are common in New Zealand.

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