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28 July 2014

Fast access to credit reports now cheaper

Companies won't be able to charge more than $10.

Fast-tracked access to your credit information will soon cost no more than $10.

An amendment to the Credit Reporting Privacy Code has put a limit on what credit reporting companies can charge for immediate access to your credit file.

Veda had been charging $51.95 but from 1 September 2014 will have to lower its charge to $10 or less. Dun & Bradstreet charges $10 for its “fast track” option while Centrix Group doesn’t charge.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards said New Zealanders had a fundamental right to access their credit information for free but paid a fee if they wanted the information fast.

“This was permitted under the law on the understanding that credit reporters would act reasonably. Some credit reporters weren't, so I decided to place a limit on the amount they could charge,” Mr Edwards said.

Consumer has just published an article on credit reports. It includes information on why you should know what is in yours, how to get access to it and what to do if there is incorrect information in it.

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