Recall: Steelcraft baby strollers

A defect may cause a person's finger to become caught in the stroller hinge while the stroller is being folded.

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The problem

Some Steelcraft strollers have a similar frame construction to models sold in the United States where parents have reported finger injuries when folding the stroller. As a result Britax Childcare has issued a safety recall notice.


The affected models have batch numbers of 13.06 (June 2013) or earlier and were sold through children’s nursery retailers around New Zealand. Labels showing the batch number are attached to the rear leg of the stroller.

  • Steelcraft Agile, Agile Plus and Agile twin models
  • BOB Motion strollers

What to do

Britax Childcare will provide free hinge cover kits for you to fit at home. To get a kit you can either complete the online order form or call the Britax Childcare Help line on (09) 443 0102.

You can continue to use the stroller while you wait for the hinge cover.

  • When folding, press the release the button and then pull the release strap at the center of the seat with the same hand to avoid any risk of injury. Importantly, keep your fingers clear of the hinge when folding.
  • Watch this video to see how to safely fold the stroller.

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