Sunbeam Cafe Creamy milk frother

Perfectly foamed milk at the touch of a button? We try it out.

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Sunbeam claims its Cafe Creamy Automatic Milk Frother heats and froths milk at the touch of a button. We investigate.

First Look review

The idea is to mix drinks, or make a latte or cappuccino by adding the frothed milk to an espresso coffee. That seemed a big ask for what’s essentially a small, cordless electric jug with a motor that sits on a heating element … and it was.

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The Cafe Creamy did OK at mixing hot and cold drinks. The big test came when we heated and frothed plain milk for the coffees – the milk reached the desired temperature of 65°C but the froth wasn’t the silky steamed milk you’d want for lattes or cappuccinos. What we got was milk with hard peaks that had to be spooned out instead of poured.

2 attachments come with the unit: 1 for mixing and another for frothing milk. 3 switches allow you to mix cold drinks, mix hot drinks, or heat and froth milk. You fill the jug to the required level (110ml minimum and 250ml maximum) and select a setting.

The unit stops automatically once the milk is frothed or mixed. It took between 2 and 4 minutes depending on the amount of milk.

The jug’s non-stick surface is easy to clean but removing and changing the attachments is trickier. The frother attachment has thin prongs, so you have to be careful not to bend them.

Our verdict

  • The Cafe Creamy was OK at mixing drinks. But it failed to produce good-quality (silky) steamed milk for pouring over espresso and creating a latte or cappuccino.
  • At an RRP of $120 it’s cheaper than an espresso machine with a built-in milk frother ... but it only does half the job (and it doesn’t do it very well). A better bet is to buy an espresso machine that’s good at milk frothing and coffee making.

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