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Research report
7 April 2020

Why sunbeds should be banned

Sunbed regulation isn't providing sufficient consumer protection.

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Paul S.
30 May 2020
What about the responsible operators?

I'm a Kiwi guy (60s) with a skin condition, presumably inherited. Occasional visits to my local sunbed operator greatly improve this in the less sunny months. The alternative would be $50+ a pop visits to a dermatologist.
Why not penalise the dodgy operators, instead of the 70% "play by the rules" majority in your survey?
I'm very aware that any UV treatment carries a risk of skin damage, ageing, and cancer — at any age.
But surely an age check is not rocket science? Or a skin type evaluation?
Then, if operators are misbehaving and get caught (as Consumer has done many time in the decades I've been a member) they lose their "licence?"
Simple! Fair! Big-Brother-free!