25 February 2022

Tech to avoid in 2022

Tested and tossed – from Fitbit to Skullcandy, find out which brands didn't make the cut.

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David C.
01 Mar 2022
So: read independent reviews before you buy anything...

Price as a guide to quality? Apparently not so much. "It's rubbish, but that's OK as it's expensive as well..."

So how about brand? Not so much either, given how they are traded between firms focussed on the bottom line rather than performance. Will we see the erosion of brand value as consumers are better informed?

Environmental or right-to-repair record? Firms like Sonos haven't exactly covered themselves in glory with tactics like 'recycle mode' that that deliberately bricked devices and was only dumped after a consumer outcry.

Andy C.
27 Feb 2022
Nokia are amazing

Not sure why Consumer reviewed Nokia so badly, they have been outstanding in my experience. Had nothing but trouble with Samsung, and oppo came infected with spyware.
Our family now has five different models of Nokia on the go, they are all fantastic phones at a great price. The fact that they are sold without all the awful insecure bloatware of other brands makes them some of the safest mobile phones around.

Geoffrey H.
02 Mar 2022

I have to disagree with your report and agree with this commenter: I recently bought a low-priced Nokia 10 and just love it. Doesn't have all the extra memory and features as mid or full-priced phones but it sure works well and battery life is amazing. I'd recommend Nokia in this price range. Second low-priced Nokia I've had and delighted with both.

David P.
26 Feb 2022
Fitbit strap

My daughter's Fitbit's strap broke after a couple of weeks. We ordered a compatible strap from AliExpress, about three bucks, and it's still going months later.

R K.
26 Feb 2022
Don't agree with review of Veon TVs. They are great value.

A few people have had duds, as with any brand, but by far the majority of purchasers are very satisfied with their purchases. In our family we have four all purchased at different times - one six years ago - and they are giving excellent service. Have had no hesitation in recommending Veon to friends and they have all been highly satisfied too.

Tanya R.
23 Mar 2022
I agree that Veon tv's are great value

Have had a Veon tv in hubby's man cave for 3 years and it's picture quality is great. We hooked it up to a sound system though to improve the sound.

Dwayne B.
26 Feb 2022
Your review of the Sonos One (Gen 2) is way off-base

Fact: The product has very good audio quality and both users and reviewers from around the world overwhelmingly agree on this point.
Fact: Sonos products are renowned for their ease of use.

I will trust every single other review on these points.

Further: why you think it's reasonably to mark-down a product which is not meant to be used on-the-go for not having a battery is bizarre.

Once again, your scoring methodology is poor, as we have increasingly seen with Consumer tests over the past few years.