Teens are being encouraged to give researchers a peek into how food is marketed to them on Facebook.

The Food@Facebook Study is being carried out by the University of Auckland. Researchers need 13-17-year-olds to send in all the food ads that appear in their Facebook feed over 24 hours and fill out a questionnaire.

Researcher Alanna Soupen said the university would be investigating the different marketing techniques being used to target teenagers on Facebook.

“Monitoring adolescents’ exposure to food and beverage promotions, and the content of these promotions, is necessary to understand the extent of the unhealthy food marketing through social media and determine appropriate and effective policy responses,” Ms Soupen said.

Teens interested in participating can find out more at foodatfacebook.org.

Consumer NZ has looked at the way food is marketed to children and will be taking an interest in the study’s findings.