Mobile & internet provider satisfaction survey 2020

Who do you have to call around here for decent internet and mobile services?

Mobile and internet broadband connections across the world.

Our latest telco survey finds customer satisfaction has risen slightly this year. However, if you’re a Vodafone customer, you’re much less likely to be happy with the service you’re getting.

Mobile satisfaction

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Internet satisfaction

Waiting games

Video streaming

Settling disputes

If you have an issue with a telco and have been unable to resolve it with the company, you could take your case to the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution service.

The TDR can look at unresolved complaints to do with billing, customer service, hardware faults, contracts, network performance, or something similar. This includes pre-paid mobiles.

TDR can consider:

  • Complaints about companies that are TDR scheme members.
  • Any service or product from any TDR member. You can also complain about how you have been charged for products and services (but not the pricing).
  • Complaints that have already been made to a telecommunications company, as long as it is within 12 months of the complaint first being made.
  • Complaints that involve claims for $15,000 or less, including compensation for direct loss.

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