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3 April 2018

Fixing the rental market

We ask renters about the main issues they’re facing and identify 4 law changes that should be made to protect them.

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Anthony W.
22 Jun 2019
P M D ,s comment is exactly right

Same experience as P M D ... couldn't put it better

Michael O.
17 Sep 2018
"No Cause"

Presently a tenant can give a 21 day notice to leave with 'No Cause"
Surely in fairness the Landlord should be able to issue appropriate notices (90 Day) with "No Cause as well"
Maybe the law should reflect fairness to both parties .... i.e 21 days for both

Ray M.
28 Apr 2018
Rules for Rentals only?

Why make only rentals have insulation etc? It must increase cost so rent will rise. I'd think it better to declare insulation and let the tenant choose. You could then maybe get a bigger house for less money if it had no insulation. Bet government won't force owners to insulate as that would cost votes. They assume landlords have heaps of money.

Previous member
14 Apr 2018

I have rented through both landlords an property companies. I have usually been happy with both. I am a very good tenant and have been treated well. Where things have not gone well I have moved. However, this can be an issue where you are trapped in a one year lease, trying to organise to find somewhere at the right time as the lease expires. My beef with property companies is the excessive fees for minimal work and slowness to fix problems. I also have found they often refuse to answer phone calls etc when you are flat hunting. They seem to just want a renter not a good tenant. Generally owners are much better. I want a law which fairly respects and protects both parties.

Shane M.
04 Apr 2018
Being Fair

I hope consumer that you are going to be fair and do a survey on tenants too,

Far to many tenants do NOT give a damn about the houses that they live in.
As a owner - I find that its all about bad landlords / property mangers,
Tenants forget that it someone else's house and investment.

I want the tenants to stay a long time, but if they do not look after my investment then I will find someone else.


Mark G.
14 Apr 2018

I'm sure there are plenty of slumlords out there. Likewise there are plenty of renters who feel no obligation to treat the property with respect and see paying rent as more of a recommendation then a requirement. It took me a month to rent out a place recently, not through lack of applicants, but lack of desirable applicants.

If renters feel stuck, a fair question is why. Quality tenants should be able to move on from substandard accomodation. The implication that managers would use a bad reference as a threat against tenants is a big claim and one which requires stronger evidence than X% of a survey feels a certain way.

Maria Conlon
28 Apr 2018
Solo working mums

Find a solo working Mum or dad. We want a safe house over our children’s head. It’s really hard for us to find a house. For whatever reason.... I used to get places just like that, as soon as I had a child I couldn’t. I’ve got a great stable job that I had before children. You might be missing out on a great tenant!

P M D.
14 Jul 2018
Frustrated owner. Completely agree with 'Being Fair'. Being a landlord can be a rough road too.

I have a rental property and am confident I am a good landlord ( I never raise the rent on an existing tenant and always fix things promptly) I have had to go to court a few times over the years for damage and unpaid rent and have ALWAYS found it really one sided NOT in my favour. It's all very well going on about slum landlords but a lot of us don't fit into that category and when it goes wrong with a bad tenant, (and there are a lot out there!) we have very limited options. By the time the court date comes around the tenant can owe thousands in rent and can continue to damage the property and there is nothing we can do apart from watch it happen. Owners need faster action and more support too. I had TERRIBLE tenants who were supposed to be paying back arrears at $5 a week (meaning it was going to take 16 years to pay off the debt!) and they absolutely trashed my property (holes in walls , broken windows, damage everywhere you looked, punched doors, stained carpet etc) costing many thousands more, before leaving a skip load of junk behind and taking the keys with them. Currently trying to sell my rental - had enough of the stress, drama and costs of being a rental property owner. It's just not worth it.