The worst blenders for kale smoothies

When it comes to blending kale, these two personal blenders score a ‘fail’.

20aug worst blenders hero

Even though kale’s full of goodness, it’s bitter at the best of times. Too much will make your nutritious smoothie unpalatable – but the right amount will add a bit of an edge to your breakfast.

Sunbeam Insta Go Blender PBP1000WH

Unfortunately, our test of personal blenders found one that was so poor at blending kale it scored zero. The Sunbeam Insta Go Blender PBP1000WH also struggled to crush ice and couldn’t operate for longer than 23 seconds with a heavy load.

  • Price: $70
  • Overall score: 62%
  • Performance: 60%
    • Green smoothie: 90%
    • Blending kale: 0%
    • Frozen fruit smoothie: 100%
    • Crushing ice: 50%

George Foreman Mix & Go Pro 21820AU

The George Foreman Mix & Go Pro 21820AU was marginally better at blending kale and OK at making a green smoothie out of cucumber, celery, kiwifruit, pear, spinach, mint and water. It was pretty good at crushing ice, but so were most of the other single-serve blenders in our test.

  • Price: $190
  • Overall score: 66%
  • Performance: 63%
    • Green smoothie: 60%
    • Blending kale: 32%
    • Frozen fruit smoothie: 80%
    • Crushing ice: 80%

Before you fork out for your own personal blender, check out our test results to make sure your new purchase doesn’t leave a bad taste.

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