Ticket resellers

Hundreds of consumers are being ripped off by ticket resale sites. It's time to clean up the market.

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Help us fix the ticket resale market.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is consulting on law changes to clean up the market. You can help us get the law changed by making a submission.

Use our template submission below. You can also use the online submission form on the ministry's website.

Public submissions close on 18 April, 2019.

Template submission


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By email: consumer@mbie.govt.nz

Submission on: Ticket reselling in New Zealand discussion document

I strongly support law changes to help protect consumers from the unfair practices used by ticket resellers.

[If you’ve been stung by a ticket reseller, you may like to include information about your experience.]

I support Consumer NZ’s call for:

Price caps on resold tickets
• The price of resold tickets should be capped at the original ticket price. Any fees should be restricted to reasonable transaction costs, such as recovering a fee charged by the resale site for listing the ticket. A reasonable fee should be no more than $10.

Disclosure requirements for resale websites
• Sites should be required to clearly state they’re resellers and not the official ticket agent.
• Tickets listed for sale should show the original ticket price, the seat location and the contact details of the seller.
• Any fees charged by the resale site should be prominently displayed next to the ticket price.

Disclosure requirements for official ticket sellers
To improve transparency, official ticket sellers should be required to publish information on:
• the number of tickets available for general sale
• the capacity of the venue
• the number of tickets remaining
• the number of events in a tour.

Ban on ticket-buying bots
• The Fair Trading Act should be amended to ban ticket-buying bots. The Commerce Commission should be responsible for enforcing this ban. Penalties for breaches should be set at the maximum allowable under the act.

Yours sincerely,