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27 September 2017

Time for banks to drop ATM fees

Aussie's 4 largest banks to drop fees for using other banks’ ATMs.

Australia’s 4 largest banks announced this week they’re dropping fees for using other banks’ ATMs. We’re calling on banks here to do the same.

We’ve written to ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, The Co-operative Bank and Westpac asking them to stop charging customers this fee.

With the exception of TSB, the main banks charge customers $1 for withdrawing cash from another bank’s ATM.

We don’t think it’s fair Kiwis are paying these fees when consumers across the ditch are no longer being charged.

If the Aussie owners of ANZ, ASB, BNZ and Westpac can drop the fees, why can’t their New Zealand branches?

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