Recall: TimeMaster and TurfMaster

There is a potential safety hazard caused by a defective washer on the mower spindle.

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Recall: Toro TimeMaster and TurfMaster

The problem

The mower spindle on the left side has a washer that can deform and allow the spindle to loosen. If the spindle loosens, the blade on the left side may fracture due to the excessive vibration. If this happens while the mower is in use there is a potential safety hazard.


The products were sold nationally from Parkland Products Ltd during 2013. The model and serial numbers are located on a decal on the engine base above the left rear tyre.

  • 20199 - Toro TimeMaster 30” - 2013 - 313000101 – 313020271
  • 22200 - Toro TurfMaster 30” - 2013 - 313000101 – 313007146

What to do

Stop using the mower immediately and contact a Toro dealer to schedule a free repair.

Contact Toro if you have any questions about this problem, including whether your product is included in this recall or if you want the details of your local Toro dealer:

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