Recall: Toyota Prius

Some 3rd generation Prius vehicles are subject to a recall relating to the electronic control unit.

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Recall: Toyota Prius 3rd generation vehicles

The problem

Toyota are recalling a number of 3rd generation Prius vehicles to enable a software upgrade to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This is a precautionary measure.

In affected vehicles the ECU may malfunction due to high operating environment temperatures. If increased thermal stress occurs it could cause damage. This would result in warning lights illuminating on the instrument panel. In most cases the vehicle would enter a fail-safe mode, resulting in reduced power. In limited instances the system could shut down causing the vehicle to stop.


The recall affects 1003 Prius vehicles sold new in New Zealand and manufactured between March 2009 and February 2014.

What to do

Toyota will send a notification letter to affected owners advising of the issue and asking them to make an appointment with their authorised Toyota dealer. The remedial work will take approximately one hour and will be free of charge.

Toyota also say used imports brought to their attention would receive the upgrade if required.

If you have any questions contact Toyota or your preferred Toyota dealer.

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