Traders Kiwis don't trust

Half of consumers think real estate agents are untrustworthy.

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Real estate agents and car dealers are the traders Kiwi consumers think are the least trustworthy.

Fifty percent of consumers in our latest survey rated real estate agents as untrustworthy while 49% thought car dealers couldn’t be trusted.

In third place, although some way behind, were rest home providers: 29% rated them as untrustworthy.

Financial advisers (28%), car repairers (27%) and car insurers (26%) followed.

A quarter of consumers also felt energy retailers, telcos, and house and contents insurers weren’t trustworthy.

We also asked consumers how much confidence they had in one of the main institutions charged with keeping the public informed about business behaviour: the news media. Just 30% of consumers had some degree of confidence in the media; 46% had no confidence.

Traders Kiwis don't trust - table

How trustworthy are the following business sectors? % of consumers who rated traders "untrustworthy" [bar]
Real estate agents 50%
Car dealers 49%
Rest home providers 29%
Financial advisers 28%
Car repairers 27%
Car insurers 26%
Energy retailers 25%
Telcos 25%
House and contents insurers 25%
Mobile phone manufacturers 23%
Builders 21%
Banks 20%
Daily deal websites 18%
KiwSaver providers 16%
Department stores 12%

Our cost of living survey was a demographically representative survey of 1024 New Zealanders, aged 18 years and older. The survey had a margin of error of +/-3.06%.

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