One of our members discovered that if you're holidaying in Cuba then your travel insurance might not cover you.

In April Elizabeth planned to take a trip to the US followed by an eight-day holiday in Cuba. She had used her Westpac gold card travel insurance previously for trips, but when she inquired this time she was told her trip wouldn’t be covered because she was going to Cuba.

American company AIG underwrites gold card travel insurance for ANZ, BNZ and Westpac. However, AIG isn't allowed to do any business in Cuba because of the US embargo on trade with Cuba. This means that if you need to make a claim while in Cuba AIG can't pay or reimburse any Cuban organisation. For instance, AIG couldn't pay Cuban medical providers for any medical expenses you might claim.

Elizabeth ended up buying travel insurance from another company, 1Cover Comprehensive - which covered travel to Cuba.

We say

  • Make sure you read the fine print of your travel insurance policy or ask your insurer if you're unsure whether your travel destination is covered. Don't just assume it is.