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13 September 2018

Travel insurance & health cover: What you need to know

Buying travel insurance? Don’t forget about your pre-existing medical conditions.

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Michael A.
14 Oct 2018
Follow-up on credit card travel insurers

Thanks for the advice and I have just read through the additional information - good coverage and fills the gaps. Many thanks and well done.

Michael A.
01 Oct 2018
Include credit card travel insurers

To be truly comparative I feel you should include travel insurance provided as part of a credit card package - I think most Banks offer this. In my own case I have found it provides more than adequate cover at no additional cost - in fact as we travel reasonably frequently (and often to the US) it is worth paying the higher premiums for a "Platinum" card to get this cover and not have to take out separate policies.

Consumer staff
02 Oct 2018
Re: Include credit card travel insurers

Hi Michael,

You’ve beaten us to the punch! We did look at what it would cost our two travellers to get coverage for their pre-existing conditions if they held a premium credit card, which we’ve now added to the online version of the article. Hope this information is of use.

Kind regards,

Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Robert W.
21 Sep 2018
Name names

People need to know which companies are exempting undiagnosed conditions.

Consumer staff
21 Sep 2018
Re: Name names

Hi Robert, thanks for your comment.

Some travel insurers explicitly state in their policy documents that they exclude cover for all undiagnosed diseases. Others are less clear about how they’d treat a claim relating to an undiagnosed disease, though the T&Cs give them the leeway to refuse any claim relating to a symptom you experienced before you purchased the policy. This could effectively allow them to exclude all undiagnosed medical conditions.

In my research for this article, I did not find any travel insurance that stated it would cover undiagnosed pre-existing medical conditions. Therefore, it’s not possible to make any recommendations, except that travellers should: A) read the terms and conditions of their intended travel insurer before they buy a policy; B) contact their insurer with questions; C) declare all diagnosed conditions, recent health concerns and tests to their insurer and pay the extra charge and D) discuss any health-related travel concerns with their doctor.

Kind regards,
Olivia - Consumer NZ investigative writer