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Research report
Updated 8 May 2020

Food delivery services compared

We compare food delivery apps to find which is the best.

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Carel NZ
09 May 2020
Outside main centres

The experience might be different outside the main centres. In Palmerston North Uber Eats hasn't started but have announced they will be. DeliverEasy has increased their range here, but definitely uses cars as well as scooters in PN.

I'd like to see more info on the cost to the restaurants as well as the consumer. The new provider Eat Local NZ is supposed to begin next week, saying they'll be more affordable for the restaurants, and there seem to be a few other apps starting or in development.

Many restaurants have set up their own delivery system, so it'd be good to have some notes about that too.

Wendy B.
21 Jul 2018
Delivereasy vs Uber

It would be interesting to see a postscript to this article talking about the differences between the NZ-owned and operated Delivereasy vs Uber. For example, how much they charge the restaurants, how much they pay (and how they treat) their drivers. Personally I support the local business and have noticed that some restaurants prefer it too as they are not listed on Uber, just Delivereasy.

Lyall D.
10 May 2020
Any commissions charged to the restaurants should have been disclosed

I read recently that Uber Eats charges the restaurants a fee that's up to 30-35% of the menu price. For businesses with slim margins that revelation was really surprising, especially as that money is going offshore to someone who's doing nothing more than providing an ordering platform. Can you please update the article to make those sorts of inequalities made really clear, so people can "Buy Local" if they want to.