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6 August 2014

Trusty mixer hasn't missed a beat

After decades of use, this appliance is still going strong.

After decades of use, Kenwood Chef mixers are still whipping up a storm in kitchens around New Zealand.

Last month we ran a story about a 40-year-old Ralta kitchen blender that’s still going strong. That prompted other members to tell us their appliance endurance stories. The Kenwood Chef kitchen mixer came up several times.

“My Kenwood Chef has been used almost daily and never missed a beat. Bought in 1966 it is still going strong…”.

“My Kenwood Chef was purchased in 1971 and has been regularly used and is like new.”

“We …received a hand-me-down Kenwood Chef mixer in 1972 and have since handed it on to our daughter and family. It’s still going strong too and gets even heavier use than we ever gave it...”

Lynne King (photo) bought her Kenwood Chef in 1974, just after she was married. It was a big expense but time has shown the investment to be well worth it. The Kenwood has reliably mixed, blended, chopped and minced for Lynne and her family for over 40 years. The original attachments and bowl are still in use. Lynne has never considered replacing the Kenwood. “There’s simply no need to, it’s still doing a great job”.

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