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16 July 2014

Two scams doing the rounds

Keep an eye out for these two attempts to get your money.

Consumer Affairs and Trade Me are warning of two different scams doing the rounds today.

The first is a tricky scam that sends an email appearing to be a confirmation for a barbecue purchase on Trade Me. The email includes a link to cancel the transaction. It looks like a Trade Me URL, but it’s an attempt to trick you into providing your credit-card details to the scammer.

If you’ve already provided your credit-card details to the fake site, you should call your bank right away so it can immediately cancel the card you used.

If you’ve entered your Trade Me login details into a phishing website like this you need to change your Trade Me password immediately. There’s a risk that if you use the same password for other online accounts the scammer could also access these.

The other scam preys on those looking for a car or campervan to buy online. The bogus overseas seller gives reasons for why the buyer can’t inspect or test drive the vehicle. Reasons so far have included the seller working overseas.

The scammers put the pressure on, saying another buyer is interested, and say the vehicle will be sent from a secure location with 3-4 days to anywhere in New Zealand.

The scam’s victims are sometimes given a New Zealand number to call or are called from a local number, with the scammer pretending to be from a storage company where they confirm the car is being held.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is warning buyers to be suspicious of sellers who may be overseas or want to sell a vehicle without an inspection.

Get clued on the common types of scams with Consumer’s scams guide.

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