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Virtual PC Doctor scam

Consumer NZ is warning of a new twist in the Virtual PC Doctor scam.


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A Consumer member lost $150 last year when the PC scammers telephoned saying they could repair her computer.

In a new twist, this week she received two more calls from someone saying they were telephoning from England offering to refund that money, if she logged into her computer. He said he was from the Virtual PC Doctor which had been ordered by the government to return the money. She said she wasn’t interested and contacted Consumer.

Consumer NZ warns this is a scam. Variations have been happening overseas. They include the Virtual PC Doctor claiming they are being closed down and have been forced to refund the money or told by the Australian government to refund money. In all cases they need access to your computer and want your credit card details.

Anyone doing that would most certainly lose their money, Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin said. People should be wary of giving any details via telephone. “The best option if you receive an offer via phone to repair your computer is to hang up.”