Vodafone NZ
13 September 2017

Vodafone closes email services

In the long run it’s a better move for consumers.

Vodafone New Zealand has announced it will be ending its 20-year-old email service in November.

Customers who use a Vodafone email address will need a new address from another provider. Vodafone will forward any emails from the old address to the new one for free. Customers who leave Vodafone can also get their email forwarded free, though Vodafone says it may end that service (with three months’ warning).

The following addresses will be affected:

  • vodafone.co.nz
  • vodafone.net.nz
  • ihug.co.nz
  • wave.co.nz
  • quik.co.nz
  • pcconnect.co.nz
  • paradise.net.nz
  • clear.net.nz
  • es.co.nz

Vodafone will email customers with instructions on how to get a Gmail (Google) or Outlook (Microsoft) address. The email will contain instructions on how to set up free auto-forwarding.

We think moving from an ISP-provided email service is a good move for all consumers, even if it is forced on you by Vodafone discontinuing its service. While the change may be annoying, in the long run it’s a better move. Email addresses given to you by your internet service provider (ISP) aren’t as secure or reliable as those run by services such as Gmail or Outlook.

Having an email attached to an ISP also makes changing ISPs more difficult. You can’t take the address with you to another ISP without paying.

The reason is that an email address is based on a domain. For example, if your email address is name@email.com, the part after the @ is the domain and it is owned by a particular company. So if you move from the company that owns that domain to another one, the first company will either close your account or charge you to access it.

More information about Vodafone’s change can be found on its website.

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