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10 April 2017

Avoid this kitset building company

Company has left customers out of pocket.

We’re warning consumers not to deal with Get Design and Sales, a kitset building company that operates websites mydiy.co.nz, kiwi-built.co.nz and econobach.co.nz.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin issued the warning following complaints from customers who have been left thousands of dollars out of pocket after the company failed to supply materials.

Several consumers have already taken the company to the Disputes Tribunal. Despite the tribunal ordering Get Design and Sales to provide refunds, it has failed to comply, Ms Chetwin says.

Customer Steve Wrathall is owed more than $12,000. Mr Wrathall filed a Disputes Tribunal claim against Get Design and Sales after it failed to deliver a kitset cabin he’d paid for in full. The tribunal ordered the company to refund the purchase price of $11,975 and pay $600 for distress. Mr Wrathall has not received the money.

In another Disputes Tribunal case, the company was ordered to refund $14,295 to customer Scott Walls after failing to supply required materials to complete construction of a 60m² kitset shed. The tribunal order was issued in August 2016. Mr Walls says he’s only received $2000 of the amount owed.

Customer Kate Roberts is also out of pocket by about $2000. We published details of Ms Robert’s case in March. “The company’s director Emma Gestro told us she would refund Ms Roberts by the end of February. That did not happen,” Ms Chetwin says.

In correspondence with Consumer NZ, Ms Gestro had previously stated it was having cash flow problems. Ms Gestro claims the company has no assets to sell to refund customers and would only be able to provide repayments in instalments.

We’ll be filing complaints with the Companies Office and the Commerce Commission about the company’s conduct.

Get Design and Sales customers are invited to contact us if they’ve had problems with the company.

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