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Water filters

Don’t let tall tales about dangerous chemicals scare you into buying an expensive water filter – almost all our tap water is safe to drink.

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New Zealand’s tap water is much better than it used to be. In 2005, only 76 percent of us were supplied with water compliant with national standards for protection against bacteria. By 2014, that figure had risen to 97 percent, according to the Ministry of Health.

This is mainly due to the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007, a long overdue law requiring all reticulated supplies to provide safe drinking water.

Chemicals added during the treatment process to make water safe to drink can result in some of us noticing a lingering taste or smell. If you’re concerned about the colour, odour or taste of your water, contact the owner of the supply (usually your local council). It’s required to investigate the issue and remedy the situation to the best of its ability. It may need to flush out the mains or address issues with the water distribution network.

However, your home’s plumbing can also potentially cause problems.

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