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Letters from Dec 2018/Jan 2019

This month's questions involve a faulty iPhone, lifeless LEDs, and damaged deliveries.

Letters from Aug/Sep 2018

This month's questions involve smoky hotels, malodorous waterbeds and elusive spare parts.

Letters from June/July 2018

This month's questions involve sticky deck stains, dodgy kettles, and damaged deliveries.

Letters from May 2018

This month's questions involve quotes that exclude GST, a blame-shifting appliance retailer, and life jackets for dogs.

Letters from April 2018

This month's questions involve an unexpected airfare downgrade, misleading fat-free labelling, and vacuum suction.

Letters from March 2018

This month's questions involve a corroded trampoline, security for Apple products and tyre sizes.

Letters from February 2018

This month's questions involve overbooked accommodation, a faulty hair straightener, and a kitset carport.


Letters from December 2017

This month's questions involve a television repair, "pint"-sized beverages, and a repairer’s lien.

Letters from November 2017

This month's questions involve bag searches, a ring repair and communication in an emergency.

Letters from October 2017

October 2017's questions involve a daily deal voucher, a saggy bed and hot water heating costs.

Letters from September 2017

September 2017's questions involve a puppy purchase, a faulty Samsung TV and fire extinguishers.

Letters from August 2017

August 2017's letters involve rodent-proof insulation, a duvet that doesn't match its description, and an inspection fee.

Letters from July 2017

July 2017's letters involve a faulty modem, a warped laminate floor and a price estimate for retrofitting double glazing to a home.

Letters from June 2017

June 2017’s letters involve a $17,000 Audi, repaired boots and untasty cheese.

Letters from May 2017

May 2017’s letters involve a saggy mattress, garment fibre labelling and road user charges.

Letters from April 2017

April 2017’s letters involve an obsolete oven, a jammed shotgun and wood burner heat claims.

Letters from March 2017

March 2017’s letters involve a broken tent, online retailers and BBQ emissions.

Letters from February 2017

February 2017’s letters involve a botched delivery, LPG prices and electric car battery capacity.


Letters from December 2016

December 2016’s letters involve a delayed repair, an unfit vacuum cleaner and an exploding light bulb.

Letters from November 2016

November 2016’s letters involve a Samsung Note 7, a misleading quote and car insurance rights.

Letters from October 2016

October 2016’s letters involve a 3-year-old bill, a pricey paving job, and undisclosed fees.

Letters from September 2016

September 2016’s questions involve your rights when it comes to restocking fees and buying a car 'as is, where is'.

Letters from August 2016

August 2016’s letters involve a defective vehicle report, a Windows 10 upgrade and an overseas online purchase.

Letters from July 2016

July 2016’s letters involve a damaged parcel, smoke alarms and an unfit fitness tracker.

Letters from June 2016

June 2016’s letters involve a broken down scooter and a bank transfer gone wrong.

Letters from May 2016

May 2016’s letters involve a layby sale, a faulty bike frame and a diamond ring.

Letters from April 2016

April 2016’s letters involve a water resistant smartphone, leaky pipes and a written-off car.

Letters from March 2016

March 2016’s letters involve misquoted prices, GST on a credit card fee and budget brands.

Letters from February 2016

February 2016’s letters involve an unsatisfactory flight, an engine failure and a telco levy.


Letters from December 2015

December 2015’s letters involve solar power, imported pork and products that aren’t as described.

Letters from November 2015

November 2015’s letters involve a smelly down coat, an expensive lens repair and recall processes.

Letters from October 2015

October 2015’s letters involve camera batteries, BYO wine restaurants and LED bulbs.

Letters from September 2015

September 2015’s letters involve a delayed installation and condensation on windows.

Letters from August 2015

August 2015’s letters involve rodent damage, poor concert sound and faulty glasses.

Letters from July 2015

July 2015’s letters involve fault assessment fees, a refused refund and heat pump performance.

Letters from June 2015

June 2015’s letters involve a “pedigree” dog with arthritis and a damaged item bought online.

Letters from May 2015

May 2015’s letters involve a cancelled extended warranty and foods without nutrition panels.

Letters from April 2015

April 2015’s letters involve a leaky tap, a faulty TV screen and insurance cover for camera gear.

Letters from March 2015

March 2015’s letters involve an unsatisfactory patio, a faulty watch and a disagreement about a fence.

Letters from February 2015

February 2015’s letters involve damage from a delivery, a hissing TV and a faulty line trimmer.

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