Air fryers

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Fries without the fat.

Low-fat or air fryers surround food with hot air so you can cook with little or no oil. The result should be food that’s crisp on the outside without the added kilojoules of deep-frying. We put 3 models to the test cooking thick-cut fries, skinny french fries and crumbed chicken.

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What we found

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Energy savings

We also measured how much energy each used to cook crumbed chicken for 30 minutes. If used 3 times a week, your energy costs would be $12-15 a year depending on the air fryer. Cooking crumbed chicken in your oven for 30 minutes will cost you between $12-21 a year depending on your make of oven so the energy savings are minimal, although your oven does need preheating.


The DeLonghi has a mixing paddle so you can cook stews and risottos without having to keep stirring like you do at the stove. You can remove the paddle and bake pizza or a cake, or grill fish or meat.

The Philips and Kambrook both grill, bake and roast, and the Kambrook also reheats.

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Cooking tip

For tasty oven-baked chips, slice chipping potatoes (like Agria) into chips, rinse in cold water, dry, and then coat with a small amount of oil before baking.