Updated 8 Dec 2017

Philips Avent

Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD620

Snapshot: The Philips Avent SCD620 is an audio and video baby monitor. Will it be your remote eyes and ears?

Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD620
Consumer score
Avg price


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Test results

Overall score
Ease of use

Good points

  • Very good sound quality.
  • Very good video quality.
  • Very easy to use.
  • "Talk to baby" feature.
  • Plays a tune.


  • Baby unit cannot run on batteries (couldn't use it outdoors).
  • No visual sound indicator.
  • Sound volume at carer unit may not be loud enough especially in a noisy room.
  • Full instructions have to be downloaded, only quick start guide supplied.

How we test

Overall score includes:

Audio/video monitors:
Picture performance (30%)
Sound performance (40%)
Ease of use (30%)

Audio-only products:
Sound performance (70%)
Ease of use (30%)

Performance assesses:
Sound range (how well it transmits through indoor walls).
Sensitivity and sound quality (whether the baby unit picks up soft sounds and how well the parent unit reproduces them).
Picture quality (of video monitors).

We also check for interference from a microwave or a digital cordless phone – and whether the monitor causes interference in a TV or a digital cordless phone.

Ease of use assesses:
The size and clarity of the labels, indicators and controls.
How easy it is to operate the controls and set up the unit.

Prices are from a November 2017 survey.

Key data


Avg price


Audio & video
Battery on baby unit
Battery low indicator


Video monitor
Movement sensor
Room-temperature monitor
Sound indicator lights
Night light
Portable parent unit
Belt clip
2-way audio communication (talk to baby)
Plays a tune/s (e.g. lullaby)

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