Baby thermometers

A thermometer is a must-have in your first aid kit.

Holding red thermometer over baby.

Here's how we test baby thermometers to find out which are accurate and easy to use.

We’ve tested 18 thermometers – see which models we recommend.

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Digital probe models are tested in a calibrated thermal bath. Readings are taken at temperatures ranging from 32°C to 41.9°C.

Infrared models are tested on people. Our tester takes a range of readings and compares results with an accurate reference thermometer (used orally at the same time).

Overall score

The overall score for each baby thermometer includes:

Performance (60%) Assesses accuracy and consistency of readings (evenly weighted).

Ease of use (40%) Assesses how easy it is to:

  • use the thermometer
  • change the battery
  • read the display

We also assess the quality of instructions.

Battery safety

Some thermometers use button batteries, which are dangerous if swallowed. During our ease of use assessment we checked how easy it was to remove and replace the battery. If a button battery was too easy to get to, or wasn’t secure once the cover was off, we don’t recommend it.

All thermometers (and spare batteries) should be stored out of reach of children. Don’t let children use thermometers unsupervised.

Mum checking baby's temperature.

Baby thermometers guide

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