Which barbecues smoke the competition?

Meat kebabs, red peppers and tomatoes on barbecue.

From large patio-style models to smaller portable models, and prices ranging from $178 to $2800, there’s a barbecue here to suit most people.

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What you need to know when choosing a barbecue:

  • Size. A big barbie can feed a crowd, but you need to consider where you’ll store it. Patio/deck models have large cooking surfaces but they’re usually pretty heavy. Portable options might be a better fit if you have camping holidays in mind or fewer mouths to feed.
  • Features to look for. A hood means you can roast as well. Multiple burners let you vary temperatures across the grill surface. A side burner will let you have a pot or frying pan on the go, while a warming rack keeps the steaks from going cold.
  • Fuel. You can opt for gas charcoal or electric when choosing how to bring the heat. Electric is the cheapest to run, but you’re restricted by access to a power point. Gas is quick, portable and works when there’s no power. Charcoal takes the longest to get to temperature, but delivers a unique taste some people swear by.
  • Body materials. What your barbecue is made from will likely determine its lifespan. Stainless steel should last the longest, while materials coated with vitreous enamel should have an extended lifespan. Outdoor storage and sea air can wreak havoc on cast iron or painted- or powder-coated steel.

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