Bathroom cleaners

Bathroom grime can be tough for a cleaner to remove.

Bathroom cleaner with cleaning tools on sink


Bath and Shower Cleaner Spring Breeze

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    How we test

    Our cleaning score is a measure of how well the cleaner removes soft soap scum. We clean a tile that’s had soft soap scum baked on, and measure light reflectance before and after scrubbing to assess cleanliness. Find out more about how we test bathroom cleaners.


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      January 2020

    • Cost per 10ml/wipe



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    • Recommended application time

      Not specified for cleaning. For disinfectant after cleaning spray surface again and leave for 5 minutes

    • Active ingredients

      Citric Acid

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    • Fragrance

      Spring breeze

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      Sold in Countdown stores.

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    Use as post shower spray


    I keep a Strike sprayer in the shower. Every second or third shower I wet all surfaces with hot water and immediately spray lightly around all vertical surfaces . Seems to keep shower clean and is pleasant smelling to use. You can buy many of these for the price of a 1 litre of Wet and Forget sprayer


    none so far

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    Maybe, it depends on what you're after.

    G W.

    Used 3 - 6 months